Yorkshire Energy

Yorkshire Energy

Yorkshire Energy, an exciting new energy business, approached Parallax with an idea to launch a new type of customer-centric company with fairness at the core.

We devised a brand strategy to become the best, not biggest, energy company with fair and sustainable prices for gas and electricity to all customers. They needed to quickly gain trust, make sales and challenge the big energy providers, who for years have been making massive profits and neglecting their customers.

The Problem with Energy Companies

High customer satisfaction rates are a must in order to keep customers from switching to cheaper providers. In order to do that they needed a customer experience strategy that earned them customers in the first instance and made them loyal over time. This is hard to do as an energy business when wholesale energy prices are rising all the time. Everything from the tone of voice, to how they interact with customers both signing up and on a support level was designed with fairness in mind.

From Humble Beginnings

We worked with the Yorkshire Energy team from the beginning when there was only a handful of them; creating a beautiful brand, website, content, and marketing campaign to win customers from other energy providers. We carried out interviews and tests to ensure our messaging and identity enticed people to want to find out more. Many logo variations were tested against other energy providers on comparison websites where all customers see is a long list of all energy providers and costs.

A digital-first energy company

Launching an energy business isn’t a straightforward venture. There are several complex parts in-play. The digital execution is one that requires an agency to tackle and solve problems with innovative solutions. From integrating with major CRM and billing platforms to building a sign-up flow that is fast and easy to use, even for non-technically savvy customers.

A Sign of Things to Come

In 3 weeks our launch plan won over 1,000 customers. Since then, customer growth has been increasing at a rapid rate, now into the tens of thousands. We promoted the launch of Yorkshire Energy with a social media and digital PR campaign, gaining some excellent coverage from local media and energy blogs.

The strong start is just a sign of things to come.

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